Our Story


Storyteller is a line of luxury textiles: designed, developed, and produced in-house at their Louisville, KY based studio.


With a focus on quality craftsmanship, as well as sustainability and ethically sourced materials, founder Sarah Jane Estes envisioned products that explore the expansiveness of traditional textile techniques. 

In 2018, after working in the textile industry for over a decade, Sarah Jane founded Storyteller; our mission is to create modern home-wares that preserve, as well as revive, historical artistry skills. 

The debut line includes a selection of pillows, knit blankets, quilts, rugs and more: all crafted using luxury materials, designed to be cherished by generations to come. 


Storyteller is committed to creating modern home-goods that will last a lifetime. Our products serve as family heirlooms that can be passed down for generations when properly cared for, and each piece is uniquely hand-made with durability and functionality in mind.

Sustainability is also a key piece of the storyteller identity. The textile industry is one of the world’s leading producers of waste; our goal is to utilize recycled fabrics and give them a new life-cycle. Repurposed textiles also create a one-of-a-kind feel for each of our products.

All of our yarns have been developed in collaboration with a Kentucky-based fiber mill. Creating a distinct story from farm to final product. Surplus fibers from the yarn-making process that would normally go unused are re-purposed to create a luxuriously weighted and hypo-allergenic pillow fill.